Downtown Tulsa at Sunset August, 2011 – @ Val Bode


Welcome to the Desk and Derrick Club of Tulsa. Our organization, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was formed in 1952 and is a member in good standing of the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs.the petroleum, energy and allied industries through education by using all resources available.


 Region VI – 62nd Annual Meeting – April 27-30, 2017


Two Available Field Trips on April 28, 2017
Join us for an educational and fun experience at either the Grand River Dam Authority Pensacola Dam or the Osage Windmill Farm
You may attend a field trip without registering for the entire Region Meeting by registering here as a “Guest”

Monthly Luncheon Reservation
Second Wednesday of every month at the Summit Club

ADDC Desk and Derrick Journal
The Desk and Derrick Journal is the official
periodical publication of the Association of
Desk and Derrick Clubs.

ADDC Insight
Monthly Publication connecting members with the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs

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