Energy Industry Research Links


Follow these links for a wealth of information pertaining to the oil and natural gas industry:

ADDC Insight is the official monthly publication of the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs.  ADDC Insight is a direct link between club members and the Association. This newsletter-style publication is published twelve times per year, is distributed to each member, and is available online.

Oklahoma Energy Resources Board: Teacher Resources, information and activities for students, careers and scholarships, abandoned well site cleanup:

Tulsa, Oklahoma early oil industry history and photos:

Historical Tour of Oklahoma’s Oil & Gas Industry:

Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Industry Historical Tour:

Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture – Petroleum:

Oklahoma Geological Survey – Energy:

Economics of Oil & Gas in Oklahoma:

U.S. Energy Information Administration –  “Energy Kids”

Introduction to Natural Gas:

Uses of Natural Gas: – Uses of Natural Gas:

Natural Gas Uses in Industry:

American Petroleum Institute:

New World Encyclopedia – Natural Gas:

Wikipedia – Natural Gas:

Wikipedia – Petrochemicals:

Union of Concerned Scientists – Clean Energy:

Using Natural Gas Efficiently:

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles:

Using Natural Gas:

Uses of Methane Natural Gas:

Uses of Natural Gas Energy:

About Natural Gas:

Fossil Fuel Resources:

Health and Natural Gas:

Energy Industry Career Paths:

Horizontal Drilling – Horizontal and Directional Oil & Gas Wells:

Oil on My Shoes – The Science of Petroleum Geology:

Drilling and Drill Rigs

Oil & Gas Industry Photos and Information:

Get Into Energy – Career Paths in Energy:

PetroTech Program – Training and Certification to Become a Geological, Engineering, or Land Technician in the Petroleum Industry:

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