D&D Standard Oil & Gas Abbreviator

D&D Oil and Gas Abbreviator

The D&D Standard Oil & Gas Abbreviator

The energy industry is one of constant change and rapid technological growth. It is also an industry with a multitude of unusual terminology and abbreviations.

So, where can one find all those strange abbreviations listed and defined? In the D&D Standard Oil & Gas Abbreviator!  The sixth edition of this bestselling reference is available through The Desk and Derrick Club of Tulsa. It not only lists abbreviations with definitions, but also the converse: definitions with abbreviations. Also included are abbreviations specific to Logging Tools and Services, abbreviations for Companies and Associations, and miscellaneous categories, including Common Oilfield Spellings and Mathematical Symbols and Signs. New to this latest edition are sections covering Directional Survey Methods, Frequently Cited Additives and Fluids, and Lithology and Formation Names, among others.

The D&D Standard Oil & Gas Abbreviator is an indispensable tool for anyone working in oil and gas or other energy industries, for students pursuing courses of study related to the industry, and for employees of allied industries. The book is available from The Desk and Derrick Club of Tulsa through Gaye Marrs, gmarrs@cimarex.com or 918-295-1677. Cost is $40 to members and $45 to non-members, plus $5 for shipping, if necessary.




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